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15 Ugly Unicorn Christmas Sweaters You Would Literally Wear All Christmas Long

Ah, it’s that time of year again. Magic is all around, but is it even possible to have magic without unicorns? NO! And therefore, how can we imagine Christmas without an ugly unicorn Christmas sweater? It is “must-have” Christmas gear in your wardrobe, next to cozy and cute unicorn pajamas you can wear on Christmas morning. 

In this article, we will introduce you to a few of our top picks on Ugly Unicorn Christmas Sweater of 2021. Just one note – do not expect anything truly ugly here. They are all just adorable. Cute. Funny. Warm. And besides you, your kids or little siblings, and even your entrepreneurial friends, will love them. Unicorn StartUps are getting more and more popular these days. So are unicorn movies. And unicorn toys. Let’s add unicorn sweaters to those trends!

Here are the Ugly Unicorn Christmas Sweaters. If you have seen any you love that we’ve missed, send us a comment!

Women´s Ugly Unicorn Christmas Sweaters – For Her

For Her, unicorns can be part of the Christmas magic, making a special day even more amazing. It would be a challenge to think of something cozier than a unicorn sweater to snuggle into for your Christmas holidays. These are our favorite ugly unicorn Christmas Sweters for women.

Light up your Christmas with pink unicorn ugly Christmas sweater

1. Light Up Your Christmas – Pink Unicorn Christmas Sweater

Forget the “ugly,” seriously!

This amazing Unicorn Sweater with Lights will light up your mood, your home, and your office. Just slip it on and feel the Christmas vibe coming in and hear jingle bells jingle in your ears all the way…

Watching you in this pink Christmassy sweater will bring a smile to the viewer’s face. The horn that comes with the sweater completes it, like giving the letter “i” the final dot. It is like putting the right ornament on top of the Christmas tree. You cannot miss this unicorn Christmas sweater, full of the magic of Christmas and unicorns.

PS: In case you would add the extra spice, this blinking Rudolph nose may end up a fun and cozy option.

green ugly unicorn christmas sweather for woman

2. A Little Green Unicorn Christmas Sweater – Look Like a Cute Elf

Do you feel that red is more Santa’s color, and that green is a better fit for you?

If so, this lovely Believe Holiday Sweater is missing from your wardrobe!

Green is a great Christmas color – think of all the Christmas trees, all those little Elves at the North Pole, and of course, the much-beloved Grinch character.

I am convinced even his heart would melt upon seeing this lovely green unicorn ugly sweater with that magical “Believe.” It could mean “Believe in Santa” or “Believe in unicorns” or even – the most beautiful – “Believe in Yourself.”And trust me, even Grinch can not deny believing in Christmas while wearing this one!

red and white pattern woman unicorn christmas sweater

3) Classic Red & White Classic Christmas Pattern Holiday Sweater with Unicorn on it

Christmas has its own classic knitted sweater pattern, which is full of those positive Christmas vibes. This Blizzard Bay Ugly Unicorn Sweater is a great holiday sweater with a unicorn addition.

It is classy, it has a unicorn, and it looks really warm. The pattern is timeless, and it would look great paired with jeans. There might be a few other folks around with a similarly patterned sweater, but I am pretty sure you will be one of the luckiest, wearing a unicorn one among all those snowmen and reindeer.

red and white classical christmas pattern unicorn sweater


If you love those traditional Christmas patterns, here is one more cute and magical Christmas sweater with a simple design and a strong message. You have the theme, and you wear it magically with style!

Love it! I must get myself one in each color – NOW!

4) Black Holiday Magic Unicorn Christmas Sweaters

black and green magical holiday christmas sweater with unicorn

Red, green, white and gold are the most classic Christmas colors and they really help that festive holiday feeling sneak in – but since Santa’s belt is usually black, we also dare to suggest one black sweater with a lovely pattern. This Yuletide Unicorn Sweater has stars, lines, hearts, and unicorns, and it is certainly not ugly!

The sweater’s unique design is suitable for the whole winter season – not only for Christmas. That means you can bring unicorn joy to the office or your home throughout the winter, like a fairy tale! Alternatively, you can reserve it for just the Christmas season – making Christmas even more magical. I love how simple and stylish it is with all those colors and patterns… well, I am already up for my fourth unicorn sweater.

5) The Real “Ugly” Unicorn XMAS Sweater

colorful ugly unicorn xmas sweater

I was pretty positive that “ugly” unicorn sweaters couldn’t really be that ugly… until I ran upon this unicorn Christmas pullover, that (just) slightly altered my opinion.

There is just too much going on, with all those clashing colors, jarring patterns, and the rainbow unicorn in the spotlight. All the same, you can be sure you’ve nailed the “ugly sweater” topic and you’ll get a lot of laughs, questions, and attention whenever you wear it.

unicorn ugly christmas sweater with blu unicorn

Ah, and here is another red-Christmassy rather ugly unicorn Christmas sweater. I am always for “less” but hey, if your family traditionally votes for the most bizarre “ugly Christmas sweater,” this year you may nab first prize easily. It has no “funny message,” nor a particularly absurd picture on it, but it will definitely be a hot contender!

PS: this sweater could also work as Christmas sweater for girls!

Mens Ugly Unicorn Christmas Sweaters – For Him

Actually, ugly Christmas sweaters are rather unisex!

The ugly sweater tradition has been trending for a few years now, and it seems to have reached men even more than women. Men are more up for wearing silly and out-of-the-box “ugly” sweaters, and many men also go for cute ones for Christmas.

That means that ugly unicorn Christmas sweaters can be the top pick as gifts for men as well. Check out our top favorites – ugly, cute, and Christmassy at the same time. Who dares to get one? 

rudolph the red-horned unicorn sweater

6) Rudolph The Red-Horned Unicorn Sweater

We all know Rudolph the Reindeer and his red nose that guides Santa’s sled to the right address on dark Christmas nights. After being affected by unicorn magic, I have noticed myself thinking a few times… is Rudolph really a magical reindeer? Or could he perhaps be… a unicorn with red horn?

I am glad I am not alone in my thoughts. This Unicorn Rudolph Ugly Sweater shares my idea, and also some Christmas joy. This classic Christmas patterned sweater has a red-nosed UNICORN in the spotlight. Funny combination, definitely, perfect for the “fun and cute” seekers, but also nice for slightly more conservative people. It is just a humorous alternative to the classic Santa-Reindeer. I love it!

And I am convinced Rudolph the Unicorn helps Santa to find his way at least as well as the initial Rudolph does. So no worries, presents will arrive!

7) Santa Riding a Unicorn

Christmas In The Star Wars Galaxy

Santa Riding a unicorn ugly sweater

Technology, cars, lifting dumbbells and space sci-fi are things that magically unite most men. These things seem to bring a feeling of brotherhood and understanding when they come up in conversations – so why not choose something to fit with one of these topics to delight the man you’re buying for?

I was definitely excited to find this Ugly Santa Riding a Unicorn Christmas Sweater with a unicorn in the Star Wars galaxy, and Santa waving a sword that looks like a lightsaber. I would order it just to see the expression on the faces of my male friends or my partner. I am sure they would love it, and probably wear it with full pride, – especially since Star Wars has become a hot theme during Christmas.

“May the Force be with unicorns,” I must say – or perhaps we’ll leave the Force with Star Wars: “May the Magic be with unicorns” nails it better!

Happy holidays version of santa riding the unicorn ugly sweater

Santa riding a unicorn – easy mocking

Well, some of the ugly Christmas Sweaters can get a bit too crazy and have some easy mocking on them. As far they are used for the entertaining and non-insulting purpose, I guess it is fine!

Santa riding a unicorn seems to be the new hype these days, so here is another option of the version that instead of a red-nose reindeer, there is a rainbow unicorn taking care that Santa would manage to get everywhere during Christmas Eve. This Happy Holidays Ugly Sweater has it all… and more.

Unicorn Deadpool Ugly Christmas Sweater

8) Unicorns, Patterns, And Deadpool Ugly Sweater

Deadpool as a Marvel antihero has gained a lot of attention in recent years. Whether it’s his red suit or just the immense popularity among Marvel fans, there’s no denying Deadpool is cropping up all over Christmas stuff – and this super cool Marvel Deadpool-Unicorn sweater has Deadpool, Christmassy patterns and … unicorns on it. 

It’s definitely aiming to earn the comment “the weirdest combination ever” – although we did see Deadpool and unicorns as a combo in our coolest unicorn hoodies article, so unicorns are finding their way from cartoons to the most “adult” superheroes, and looking fabulous the whole time. Well played!

I must say I am surprised by the Deadpool-Unicorn combo, but as a big fan of superheroes, I feel “magic” is the link here. Marvel with its superhero universe magic… and unicorns with their daily magic. Your partner will approve of this sweater, I am sure!

Here is another option of the Ugly Christmas Sweater x Unicorn x Deadpool – I must say is a fearless, cool and catchy combo. And actually far from ugly – badass!

Deadpool riding a unicorn Christmas sweater
Men unicorn ugly sweater with dragon-unicorn.

9) Christmas Sweater with Dragon-Unicorns

It is no secret that men are often bigger dragon fans than women are. Of course, this isn’t a rule: I am a big fan of Game of Thrones myself. Still, you’re more likely to see dragons in boys’ toy boxes, in their favorite computer games, and on their clothes, than you are to glimpse unicorns there.

Unless we talk about ugly Christmas sweaters that go beyond the rules, of course. This Blizzard Bay Dragunicorn sweater is definitely going for a bizarre Christmas vibe, with the dragon and flames! Pretty cool, huh? Or super ugly?

More classical mens patterned christmas sweater with unicorns

10) Classic Pattern & Unicorns on Sweater

There are times when Deadpool, Star Wars and Dinosaurs may not be appropriate attire – especially if we talk about more formal gatherings. But because Christmas and ugly sweaters go together like unicorns and rainbows, this Paul Jones Ugly Sweater with unicorns will work for any scenario. During the Christmas period, these patterns can bring Christmas joy to business meetings as well the family Christmas dinner, but this is a more somber and mature option than the others given.

Sometimes less is more, but if the intended recipient usually goes for blue, black, or something neutral, be brave and get this sweater in red. The blue is nice, but red definitely shows way more Christmas spirit. Those unicorns dancing on it could also refer to business goals, making this ideal for an office party. This is a perfect men’s unicorn sweater without superheroes or space!

ugly 3d unicorn christmas sweater

BONUS: Unisex Ugly Sweater With 3D Unicorn

I just could not resist sharing one more suggestion for your fun Christmas attire. This would be perfect with kids around since this Cute Adult Christmas Sweater has an actual 3D unicorn on it. A cute one!

Imagine the expressions of your friends, family, or colleagues if you arrive at a gathering sporting this fashionable number. You can prepare yourself for all kinds of attention and a lot of giggles. There are a few drawbacks I can see:- firstly, I am not sure you would be able to wear a coat over it.

I’m also not sure you’d be able to lean back in a chair or give anyone a hug, which might make this pretty inconvenient to wear… but it is worth trying: the sweater is absolutely hilarious with its 3D unicorn, unicorn pattern, unicorn horn pattern, and yellow stars of magic. “All I want for Christmas is a unicorn” – correct? 

Get Yourself Christmassy

I love the Ugly Christmas Sweater tradition. At least once a year, people feel free to wear something wonderful and unusual with pride – and the more bizarre the outfit, the more joy it brings to those around you. 

I also love unicorns, and the magic and mystery which always surrounds them. I am so happy to see so many different options with the “Unicorn x Christmas x Patterns” mix on the ugly sweaters. If you loved any of our suggestions or you’ve found some other Christmas sweaters you love, surround yourself with Christmas and magic, and of course, with unicorns.

Enjoy the most magical and wonderful time of the year! Preferably with unicorns.

Wasn’t ugly enough? But what about this sweater? Honestly never seen SO ugly unicorn.

The most ugly unicorn ugly Christmas Sweater

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