An Unicorn laying on a funfetti donut, it also likes funfetti pancakes.
Unicorn mornings can be like this- eating donuts perhaps? Picture source

Eating is the only job that feeds! Here lies the question: what do mystical creatures like unicorns eat and drink to keep their horn sharp, fur shiny and magical powers strong? Can it be rainbows and candies? Or are love and hope enough to keep them fed?

Well yes and no!

Unicorns are magical relatives of horses so their eating habits are similar to horses as well.

Unicorns are herbivorous and daily they like to eat different plants and grass as well as specific flowers and berries. And being similar to horses, unicorns never say “no” to oats That unusual flora helps to keep unicorn magical powers on a good level.

Here it gets interesting though – besides oats, unicorns are happy to finish their dinner with “rainbow cake” or start their day with “confetti pancakes”. What a colorful and magical life they have! 

We will give you a whole unicorn menu here, have a look!

Unicorn Power Food to Eat for Ensuring the Magic

Unicorn in a meadow eating grass and flowers to keep their power level.
Unicorns who live near meadows can normally eat like horses. Picture source.

Unicorns are herbivorousUnicorns who live in meadows and forests do eat regular grass and different plants like horses do, but in unicorn menu, there are special plants, flowers, and berries to keep their level of magical powers potent.

According to The Magical Unicorn Society, unicorn eating habits are dependant on the place where a specific unicorn lives and plants that are available in that area. It is also interesting to know that some plants that are actually poisonous can be the source of power for unicorns.

There are lots of different super berries and spectacular flowers 🌸 that are beautiful and can also be the perfect food for a unicorn. Next time you notice a nice forest flower, consider the fact that it can also be nutrition which makes the unicorn swifter and stronger. Or perhaps give its horn the magic to heal wounds.

Unicorn Breakfast Meal: Forget-Me-Nots

It is rather possible that the field of blue forget-me-nots that you noticed from your last forest walk is the place where a unicorn enjoys its regular breakfast.

Those creatures just love juicy grass which is covered with dewdrops during the early morning hours and get their daily dose of magic ✨ from those blue forget-me-nots.

Different Habitat, Different Dining Table

Unicorns live pretty much everywhere – from mountains and meadows all the way to rainbows and our imagination. Different places also give a different variety of food that those magical creatures consume. But beware of the fact that not all on unicorns dining table shall be tried out by you! Or by your horse! Unicorn dinner could be dangerous to eat everyone except unicorns themselves.

Cold Area Unicorns Love to Eat Red Poisonous Berries

Mountain unicorn search colorful berries from snow and enjoys the Sun.
Mountain unicorns often search red berries from the snow. PS: poison usually is not any danger for unicorns. Picture source

Unicorns who live in cold areas need to find their nutritions under the snow. Luckily, poison usually isn’t any danger to unicorns. All the red berries that are easy to notice, but could normally be poisonous, are perfect for them and they love it!

Some plants, snow unicorns like to eat:

  • bearberries,
  • red algae,
  • arctic poppies
  • diamond leaf willow.

These may sound like nice Christmas decoration for us, but they also hide the magic and power for unicorns! No wonder that Christmas is the time for magic!

Always Hungry Mountain Unicorns Love Orchids

Mountain unicorns eat a lot. Luckily there is a variety of orchids that look colorful and amazing. Those orchids also help unicorns strengthen their muscles and keep balance on steep mountain slopes. I know, same feelings here – if orchids can do that, I could easily keep a unicorn in my mom’s winter garden which is full of orchids!

Water unicorn searching some waterlilies for dessert.
Water Unicorns love pink lotus and waterlilies. Winky Wooh gives them magic. Picture source

For the health and nice shiny fur, Himalayan onions and Boston ivy are a nice meal for mountain unicorns. Another mysterious plant called Sheeps bit is a yummy dessert. Only for unicorns, I assume.

Unicorns in Warm Enjoy Eating Cactuses

Unicorns from the warmer areas sometimes face the challenge of finding food. They love to eat different cactuses and agaves that also provide liquid to avoid dehydration.

Super poisonous Secret Datur is the same for warm area unicorns like grapes and raisins are for humans – the source of quick energy.

Plants from Water for Water Unicorns

Water Unicorns who live next to seas, oceans, lakes or rivers have a big choice of food available.

Some plants, for example, pink lotus, have the power to protect unicorns from the Sun. Waterlilies make unicorns fast and ensure they have their swiftness and super speed. A special plant called Winky Wooh is the source of water unicorns` magical powers and it also gives these unicorns their mystical presence.

What do unicorns drink?

Unicorns actually do not need to drink to survive. Powerful meals are enough for them. But unicorns do like water because it is as natural and pure as they are. Unicorns are also able to clean the water with its horn.

There are theories stating that although unicorns like water, they do not drink it themselves. This may explain their trips over the rainbows and other dimensions if needed – water might not just exist everywhere!

The famous Starbuck’s Unicorn Frappuccino- the drink all unicorns drink. Or do they? Picture source.

Colorful Unicorn Frappuccino

Nowadays, there is also a fun theory that unicorns only drink The Unicorn Frappuccino by Starbuck’s, also called the Unicorn drink.

Unicorn Frappuccino is made by mixing:

  • ice
  • milk
  • pink and sour blue powder
  • creme Frappuccino
  • Mango Syrup
  • blue drizzle.

The Unicorn trend got started because of that frappuccino and we are noticing those magical creatures way more than before these days – in our wardrobes (check out these cool unicorn hoodies), on the streets, packed inside birthday gifts and presents and also in the regular handbag.

It is fun to imagine Unicorns consuming colorful frappuccino to enjoy their Sunday vibes. But please do not give it to your horse or dog. Most probably the colorful Unicorn Frappuccino will not transform any of them into a unicorn!

Do Unicorns Eat Candies on Rainbows?

unicorn lucky charms breakfast cereal
Rainbow-unicorn eating glitter for breakfast.
Rainbow unicorns can eat glitter with milk and candy cones for their breakfast. Picture source.

Unicorn magic is everywhere! Unbelievable places like “the end of rainbow” is no exception and as explained previously, unicorns’ food also depends on the place where those unicorns live. What do unicorns who are tripping over the rainbow eat?

Everything that has colors – the more the better!  As the colors of the rainbow easily match with a box of candies, rainbow unicorns love colorful jelly candies and gummies the most. Especially candy cones – those look like a unicorn horn! They also love to get lucky charm breakfast cereal.

Medium suggests that the rainbow unicorn diet consist only of colors and sweets and points out the foods that rainbow unicorns can never resist:

A diet like this? Again, I would suggest not to try it at home, unless it is divided into different days. Or if you are having a unicorn themed party, where all of the above can help bring the wonderful unicorn magic to your guests.

Unicorn Candy Choice

Ah, in case you are a sweet lover and would love to try some rainbow-unicorn menu, then here are some unicorn candy choices. Must try them all🤩!


Classical Unicorn Jelly Beans are my all-time favorites. Just the unicorn level makes them even more magical. And therefore even sweeter! You find a wonderful mix of those jellies!

unicorn mix for unicorn candies

Unicorn food and eating habits actually depend a lot on how the unicorn we adore and imagine looks like and where it lives. Is it a unicorn from the meadows next to a river hunting for beautiful water lilies at the dawn? Is it a snow-unicorn looking for those poisonous-looking red berries from the snow and giving us the Frozen fantasy? Or is it colorful joy-unicorn living on the edge of rainbow and eating candy cones to keep its colors clear? They all are just as real as we believe them to be.