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55 Amazing Unicorns Facts: All About Unicorns for Kids and Adults

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Unicorns are such incredible creatures, we all want to know more about them. These mythical beasts hide many secrets in their past, and many more in how they live day-to-day, so there’s always plenty to learn about them!

If you’ve ever wanted to become a unicorn expert, you’ve come to the right place, because we’re going to look at these incredible creatures in detail here!

Feel free to use links below to quickly navigate to the section that interests you. We have put together 50+ random cool and funny unicorn facts.

Historical Unicorn Facts

Historical unicorn that has similarities to an oxen.
Fact #1 – One of the representations of a historical unicorn.

#1 Many early unicorns didn’t have a horse’s body, but instead they were shaped like rhinos or oxen. Their graceful, delicate image was a later development.

#2 Unicorns have represented many different things, including innocence, purity, freedom, and power. They have also been the symbol for both men and women over time.

#3 Unicorns were used as an allegory for the life of Christ, representing his innocence, his healing powers, and his immortality.

#4 These one-horned mythical creatures were so highly thought of that unicorn horns were very sought after. The horns which were sold had usually belonged to narwhals or rhinos, but they fetched high prices from wealthy nobles who thought they would grant luck, healing, or the power of flight.

#5 Many different cultures came up with the idea of unicorns independently. Most of the legends differed in some distinctive ways. For example, the Chinese unicorn, the Qilin, has the body of a lion or deer. They all share the common feature of the horn, however.

Royal Arms of Scotlan
Fact #6 – Unicorn as the symbol of Scotland.

#6 Unicorns are symbolizing many things. For example, the unicorn is the symbol of Scotland and was first associated with the country around the 15th century.

#7) When Scotland was joined with England, the unicorn was retained as part of the emblem, now sharing its space with the English lion.

#8 It was thought that only a virgin or a maiden of great purity could approach, tame, or trap a unicorn because they would outrun any aggressive attack.

#9 Unicorns have many powers, they were the fastest creatures in the world, able to outrun any other animal, including the swiftest horses.

#9 Many unicorns in medieval history are depicted in chains, because they were believed to be very dangerous creatures. These mythical beasts were considered extremely powerful and if you look at paintings from that time, you will see that artists often focused on their ferocity. They were a far cry from the delicate, gentle creature which we associate with unicorns today!

#10 Unicorns are mentioned in the Bible. They appear in the Bible itself a total of nine times, and they are also used as an allegory for the life of Christ.

Facts about Unicorn Powers

#1 Unicorns get most of their power from their beautiful spiraling horns. These are magical, and without them, unicorns will be unable to do anything mystical.

#2 Unicorn horns have healing powers. A touch will heal a wound, or restore life to somebody gravely ill. Unicorns cannot raise the dead, but they can cure fatal illnesses. Unicorn horn can also make water poisin-free.

Unicorn head drawing
Fact #2 – Unicon horns are often said to have healing powers.

Unicorn Harry Potter fact:

#3 Unicorn blood was also able to heal. In the Harry Potter series, it was said to prolong life, and was immensely powerful.

#4 Unicorn horns can bring good luck to any who touches them. Remember that you should only touch a unicorn horn if the unicorn bows its head to you, otherwise you may bring yourself ill fortune.

#5 These beautiful creatures can shift between worlds, ignoring the boundaries which most creatures cannot cross. This, coupled with their amazing speed, makes them impossible to catch. If you’ve ever seen one, you’re amazingly lucky! Shifting the worlds is also a reason, why we keep seeing unicorns with Marvel’s Deadpool.

6) Unicorns now are often able to fly. Traditionally, unicorns were not able to take to the air, but this started to change around the 1970s, when artists began to draw unicorns with wings. Now, even non-winged unicorns are able to fly, perhaps using the power from their horns.

7) The mythical equines can also offer guidance to people through their dreams. Appearing as a companion and a comforter, they help people when they face difficulties, and nudge them onto the right path.

8) Unicorns today can change color, shifting between all the hues of the rainbow, and glimmering at the edges of the imagination. They are truly adaptable, but many of the youngsters struggle with color changes and can end up looking rather silly!

Facts About Real Unicorns: Siberian Unicorns and Narwhales

#1 The Siberian unicorn was a creature that roamed Kazakhstan as late as 30 000 years ago. It was a form of the giant rhino.

#2 Siberian Unicorn was heavy and woolly, with a tail like a bull; not quite how we imagine unicorns today! A coat like that is best suited to cold climates, while legendary unicorns prefer sunny meadows.

#3 The Siberian unicorn was over 6 feet tall. Even the tallest legendary unicorn would feel dwarfed next to one of these great creatures! They are very beautiful, however, and their extinction is a great loss to the world. We need more unicorns!

Extinct Siberian Unicorn
The Siberian unicorn didn`t look much like the the unicorns we know today. Image source.

#4 Narwhals – sea unicorns or whales with horns- may have inspired the modern unicorn. With their graceful, long horns and their ability to sink deep into the depths of icy blue seas, there are obvious connections between them.

#5 Narwhals use their horns in gentle fencing matches, but they are not aggressive creatures. The group in families, like legendary unicorns, and frolic in the ocean together.

narwhals-unicorns of the sea

Unicorn Facts For Kids

Twilight Sparkle plush unicorn
Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony saga

#1 Baby unicorns are often called foals, just like baby horses. A girl unicorn would be called a “filly,” while a boy would be called a “colt.”

#2 Sometimes baby unicorns are referred to as “sparkles,” because they are so pure and beautiful. There is also Twilight Sparkle as a winged unicorn in the My Little Pony Series.

#3 Their horns at birth are covered in very soft hair, and aren’t visible until they are a few days old. A small sparkle on their foreheads is the first you will see of their horns.

twin unicorns play hide and seek
Unicorns play hide and seek

#4 Unicorns grow up more slowly than humans or normal horses. They live for such a long time, their babies stay little for longer.

#5 Just like you, young unicorns love to play with their friends.

They grow up with lots of other unicorns around, so they have plenty of choices for playmates. They play all sorts of different games, like unicorns playing hide-and-seek, tag, and apple-bobbing if they live near a water source. What are your favorite games? It’s quite possible the unicorns play them too!

#6 Unicorns love eating rainbows. This applies to the adults as well as the young ones. Rainbows are a bit like chocolate cookies to them. They also like Unicorn Marshmallows.

They have to run fast to catch a rainbow before it fades, but if they’re quick enough, they can munch happily away on the bright colors and fill their tummies up.

Unicorn eating a rainbow.
Unicorn enjoying a delicious rainbow.
Unicorn sugar decorations sprinkles
Do not feed this sugar to unicorns!

#7 Unicorns shouldn’t have sugar. Although unicorns love rainbow-colored foods, they can’t digest sugar. This means if you want to feed the unicorns, try to choose things they would naturally find in the wild.

Unicorns can have berries and nuts and seeds, so you can make a pretty mixture from those to put out in your garden. By leaving the sugar out of your mix, you’ll also make sure you don’t hurt any birds or beasts that share the unicorns’ food. See more, what do unicorns eat.

#8 Unicorns poop rainbows! This is a bit of a silly fact, but it’s true! Unicorns love to fill up their tummies on all sorts of good food, and they’re so magical that unicorn poop has to be a little bit magical too.

If you’ve ever spotted a pile of rainbow poop while you’re out walking, you’ll know there are some unicorns nearby! PS: See how unicorn poop can look like!

#9 Pegasus aren’t unicorns, but they’re closely related, and they can breed. When they do, their babies will have wings and horns, making them extra powerful and beautiful. If you ever see one of these, you are incredibly lucky. Read more about winged unicorns.

Baby Pegasus Toy Sitting

#10 Baby unicorns have bright blue eyes that shine like stars. They love to stay up late and watch sunsets, but they need to get their sleep, too!

Just like humans, young unicorns can be restless and grumpy if they don’t sleep enough.

#11 Unicorns often live in deep forests, where they can hide among the trees if they are approached by somebody they don’t want to see.

#12 The forest and meadow unicorns live mostly on grass, fruits, and nuts which fall from the trees around them. They’re nimble and can skip over tree roots and dodge around trunks with no difficulty.

#13 Other unicorns live high up in the mountains. They are also extremely agile, able to scramble up almost sheer cliff faces in search of tasty morsels.

#14 Mountain unicorns are very fond of eating rainbows and will munch away happily whenever they get the opportunity. Rainbows are hard to catch, so they have to be quick!

#15 Some unicorns inhabit open meadows, where they can test their full speed. These are among the fastest, as they can practice running without obstacles to duck and dart around.

Unicorn wandering around in a meadow.

#16 Meadow unicorns graze mostly on sweet grass and love to frisk in the starlight when the nights are clear.

#17 Unicorns live in herds for protection and companionship. They are very sociable creatures and usually spend a lot of time with each other, though some do prefer their own company. PS: A group (or a herd) of unicorns is called a blessing!

#18 Solitary unicorns are often older and wiser. They do have a herd but may spend long periods of time away from it, asking questions of the stars and studying the universe.

Unicorn in a night filled with stars

#19 Unicorns rise just before dawn and tend to drink from the nearest water source as the early mists clear.

#20 Most unicorns sleep during the night, dreaming beneath the stars just as people do. They go to sleep not long after the sun has set, resting close to each other.

#21 Adult unicorns care for their young as a group, all working to ensure the babies are safe, well-fed, and happy. This means that if one of the adults is separated from the herd, or leaves for a while, their young will be cared for.

Other Cool and FUN Facts About Amazing Unicorns

#1 The term “unicorn” is used to refer to tech startups which are valued by investors at more than a billion dollars. It’s used for its connotations of rarity and value, but calling a startup a “unicorn” can also suggest that it’s mythical, and that its value is overblown. FUN FACT: Unicornyard homeland Estonia is #1 of in Europe of Unicorns per capita!

Unicorn Frappucino
Unicorn Frappucino. Image source.

#2 In 2017, Starbucks created a “unicorn” Frappuccino, but it was only available for a limited amount of time. Bright pink with blue swirls, this drink certainly captured the magic and mystic aura of unicorns, and the blue-and-pink sprinkles on the white topping perfected the look.

It was intended to change color when mixed, and fulfill any unicorn enthusiast’s passion for mythical equines.

FUN FACT: Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino is said to be behind the new-ages rainbow unicorn blast and popularity!

You can still have Starbucks Rainbow Unicorn Tumbler these days and come up with your own Frappuccino inside.

#3 April 9this National Unicorn Day. This day is focused on finding a bit of happiness and magic in everyday life, and on baking a few rainbow snacks in the process!

#4 Unicorns have become a major symbol for the LGBTQ+ community. Their brightness and happiness has become a symbol of power for these oppressed minorities, and we’re pretty sure the unicorns are thrilled to be of service.

#5 A narwhal tusk was presented to Queen Elizabeth in 1577, and it is still valued as a national treasure.

#6 Unicorn literally means “one horn”

unicorn cup

#7 You can see the most cuddly and cute unicorn here.

#8 In ancient times, people made valuable and rare gifts like cups out of unicorn horns. These days you can still get a unicorn cup but no unicorns are harmed.

# Finally, our favorite fact: a group of unicorns is known as a blessing. If that doesn’t beautifully represent all the things we feel about these amazing creatures, what does!

FUN FACT: You can make your own unicorn, here is one way to make yourself your very own unicorn

make your own unicorn

It’s so easy to spend hours marveling over the beauty and majesty of unicorns. They are such intricate creatures, and have so much history to look at and explore. Throughout time, the legends about them have been changed and expanded, and they have grown with the human race, shifting to fit our imaginations.

Have we missed any great facts which you think should be included here? Let us know! We’re always learning too, and understanding more about these great creatures makes us very happy.

One thing is for sure: no matter how they change or how much we learn about them, unicorns will always retain an air of mystery and magic, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

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